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Mag. Leopoldo Andrini

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Pilates Reformer is a machine, designed by Joseph Pilates that aims to improve the strength and flexibility of the human body. It is used in postural correction treatments. The activity is totally dynamic and allows the cardiorespiratory system, coordination and balance to work properly in addition to the osteomyoarticular system.On May 15th, the School of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy received five Pilates beds with trapeze and the requested accessories (box, balls, etc.). We installed them in a temporarily assigned place until we can complete the second part of this project, the construction of the gym specially designed for this purpose.From the moment we located them in the University Center of Interdisciplinary Attention (CUAI) and we published the photos in our Instagram page. We started receiving congratulations from our students, graduates and friends of the Institution. Words like: "Beautiful news! Very happy for these achievements and progress"; "Spectacular", "Congratulations for the initiative and the efforts done for this project" were saved on our Instagram wall. Also the students who come to the Center express their happiness to see the reformers beds installed and ready to be used.The first activities that will be carried out with the reformers beds will be with the 3rd year students in I Kinesthetic Techniques class.In the second semester we will start with classes for the community and next year the training for people who want to learn how to dictate the method.Finally, from the direction of the Kinesiology department, we sincerely thank all the people who made it possible for this project, one of the most important since the beginning of the career, to have seen the light. We ask God to give us the possibility of completing the second part of it since we firmly believe that this will help us growing as a career, it will bring more young people to UAP to study Kinesiologyand perhaps, many of them will come closer to God, fulfilling in this way, our mission.


Pilates Reformer


Mag. Leopoldo Andrini, Cr. Silvia Vogel y Mag. Christian Müller


The project is about the assembly and start up of a gym with 5 Pilates Reformers. It will develop academic activities in which teachers trained in the method will pour their knowledge to the students. Since the gym will be in the same place as the current University Center for Interdisciplinary Attention (CUAI), it will provide the service to the UAP employees in the first place and then to the people of the community. Given the rise of this method, training will be given to professionals in the area and students of Kinesiology will be offered the possibility of obtaining a certification as Pilates trainers with the consequent work output that this implies.


1) Train, in this technique, Kinesiology students in the subject Kinesics Techniques 1. 2) Provide the possibility of being certified as pilates instructor to students who wish so. 3) Grant a work tool for students to obtain funds for the payment of their studies. 4) Give pilates courses, through the extension secretary of Health Sciences Faculty, to professionals who wish to be trained in this method. 5) Offer pilates classes to people in the community and UAP employees, as an annex to the CUAI.


Alumnos internos, externos, empleados de la UAP y comunidad


2 meses


Mag. Leopoldo Andrini


Total: $ 374.000.0





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